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Announcement: The Music Section!!!

Posted by Dante


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Hey you!
Lazy member of this forum!
Do you like music? Do you like showing other people your favourite albums/artists/songs?

Well, gee willipers do I have the perfect place for you!
Its called the music section!

"But dark, Wtf is that i'm just here to upload epic shufflz vids of mah hardstaylerz" I hear you say!
Do not despair young sir, for I have written a foolproof guide for someone of your specific amount of intellect!

First my good friend, you must find an album that you like. Something that you think other people will want to listen to as well.
Then, once you have chosen this album, whatever it may be, upload it!

Here is just a few of the major sites you can upload files to :

I believe you have to sign up, but don't panic my dear! This is a simple task that even you can comprehend!

Next you upload the file following whatever steps the website you have chosen tells you to! AMAAAAZING!

Then you should head to http://shufflin.net/forum/ ! Yes the site where you post all your epic shufflezors ninjakick vidyas!
Scroll to the bottom and you will see, through the cobwebs, dust and such the music section! *heavenly ahhh

Look at this image provided if you need extra help finding it!
Posted Image

Now, since you're an epic explorer searching the unused crypts of the music section, there are a few things you should probably know!
You should find the genre closest to the thing you are trying to post!
Anything other than EDM goes into the other section :)!

Try and include some basic details about your upload, and perhaps the album cover if you're feeling extra fancy!
Stuck for ideas? Try this on for size :

Album :
Artist :
Genre :
Quality :
Size :
Link :

"But Dark! Why do we have to include the quality?!"
Oh my youngling, unbeknowst to you, some people care about the quality of the music the listen to - Some people have more than just iPod headphones you see!
And I am one of those people! If you upload an album in 54kb/s quality and don't tell me, I will come to your house and kill your family (: !

There you have it my young newbile friend! The means to upload music for everyone to listen too!
Happy uploading!

Yours truly,


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