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Announcement: What are reputation points and how do I get them?

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So we have been receiving question on how the reputation system works and we've decided to clear a few things out.

Reputation is earned by posting. - If someone likes your post, he can hit the Posted Image to give him a reputation point.

The Posted Image can be found on every post (but your own) and if you like, appreciate or find the content helpful, you can hit the button to reward the member.

The interface looks like this;

Posted Image

You can only hit the Posted Image once per post. It's wise to remember that administrators can trace who is handing out points, so please avoid any type of misuse or abuse of this feature or we'll have to take actions.

To see if you, or anyone else have been appreciated and rewarded for their constructive posts, you can click their profile to view how many reputation points the person has!

Posted Image

Now when you've got that information, you can start handing out reputation points as well as receiving them!

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